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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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ripple effect from the stunning move. >> good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. first, here's what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute. >> britain decision to leave the e. is being found here and around the world, 30 year low against the dollar following the news. the philadelphia 76ers, select, ben simmons >> sixers are ready for a new era in philadelphia basketball. >> please, save my baby, please, save my baby. that's all in my mind. and seen the baby in gasping for air. >> police investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of a four year old girl, in north philadelphia. the child died after being shot in the face. >> a kira march you're funeral will take place this morning,
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killed in the orlando night club shooting. >> would you like to say anything your supporters about whether they should -- >> i don't have to say that. my supporters are smart enough to know that we do not want a biggot to become the president of the united states. >> it looks like that is the closest people are going to get to a bernie sanders endorsement of hillary clinton, at least nor now. >> for now anyway. katie, what's it looking like outside so far, little humid when i stepped out the door this morning. >> very, he can actually what i was going to say, it is very muggy out here right now, my friends, we are still in the transition, as this latest storm system continues to make its full retreat. so still going to find little bit of wet weather. still going to find some humidity, will finds some sun as the day goes on, but a day packs variety pack, looking at storm scan3 at the moment, right now, moving into southern most cumberland county looks like, clipping the count my cape may, mainly over the delaware bay, though, some heavy showers currently moving through the area. this is just generally
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leftovers, if you will, with the residual moisture as the system continues to make its full row treat, will continue to do so throughout the day. truly the further north you go, not only is it going to be brighter, but also going to feel a lot more comfortable. that's where we turn our focus next. look at the difference in the dew points, you have got, i mean, a vast extreme here going on. it is so much dryer, by comparison, in mount pocono, and in allentown, than it is even here in philadelphia. straight down the northeast extension there, where you're easily feeling very muggy at 69 degrees on the dew point, 70, though, that's down right soupy in dover. and again, that's what you are going to be dealing with until this system get out of here, now, hour by hour we go with temperatures rebounds willing to the mid 80s, about 84 where we expect to top off officially as the skies gradually clear, further north you go, more sun, further south, stuck in more cloud cover, at least initially before we start to see things dry out and clear out completely. but regardless, call it partly sunny in the sit of philadelphia. and looking ahead, as soon as we get this system out of
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here, we're still looking ahead to what promises to be beautiful summer weekends, so full details on that, coming up later in the show. pat, we send it into you. >> i have seen it it, looks good, stay tuned for that, katie has good news for you. >> this not so good. admiral wilson boulevard over in new jersey one lane block, you can see, the arrow saying get out of the way. that's because after problem that's been around for about a week now. that's a gas main repair. that continues at route 38 eastbound, between route 130 and route 70, that's got three lanes block until 9:00 tonight. that was supposed to open up this morning, right around rush hour, and that's going to last all day now, that's causing some major delays it, will cause even more later on for the p.m. rush hour. so, make note of that, as well, the vine looking beautiful. going in and out of the city. there was no construction overnight. things are moving smoothly there. also, moving smoothly on the schuylkill expressway, the boulevard, at taillights going southbound toward the schuylkill on the boulevard, no delays there. some delays maybe in this area, though, in wilmington. 495 northbound, edgemore road,
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off and onramps closed until next thursday. so that's going to be a problem spot for little while. and, finally, a look at a map out in west chester, route 322 at pottstown pike, all lanes blocked right there because after downed tree. brooke, to you. >> thanks a lot, pat. shock waves are being felt across the globe right now because britain's vote today leave the european union. >> ripple effect expected on wall street, dow futures down right now, 452 points. cbs news correspondent tina krause live in london with more on the so-called brexit vote. good morning. >> good morning, brooke, jim, voters in london and scotland wanted to re mayor in the european union but overwhelming majority of other brits decided it was time for the uk to leave. campaginers who fought to get out are celebrating while remain supporters see this as a nightmare. britain has become the first country to leave in the eu's 60-year history. bright i shall prime minister david cameron make shocking decision to step down after
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the uk vote today leave the european union. >> i do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country, to it next destination. >> the uk has voted to leave the european union. (cheers). >> initial polls suggested close race, but voters in northern england, and whales, helped tip the scales in favor of independence. >> the sun has risen out on independent united kingdom. >> the prime minister called for the brexit rev run dumb from members of his party who claim europe cost and controls too much. anger over mass immigration fueled the campaign because of the eu's open boarders. >> it does demonstrate the level of division and anger at the country. i think that it really is a wake-up call for westminster. >> britain's decision to leave the eu is already being felt here, and around the world, the british pound plummeted to a 30 year low against the dollar, following the news.
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>> back in april, president obama set a brexit would put any future deals in jep adder. >> i our folk just negotiate wag big block, to get a trade agreement done, and uk's going to be in the back of the cube. >> britain has been a part of the 28 nation block since joining 43 years ago. but formally separating won't be easy. the process is expected to take at least two years. >> the european union will now become trading block of 27 countries, instead of 28, and there is some concern about a domino effect. that other countries, within the eu, will also consider getting out, and fight for their own independence, brooke, jim. >> teen, a any word on who may replace the prime minister at this point? >> well, cameron says new prime minister will be in place by october, among the likely contenders will former london mayor, borris johnson, who americans are well familiar with, and justice
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secretary michael go, both helped lead the campaign. so we'll see. >> thanks, teen, a one of the stories a lot of people outside of that area should be paying attention to. >> this will affect all of us. the time now 5:37. in business news this morning, the international impact of the so-called brhxit, jill wagner joins us from the from new york stock exchange, jill? >> good morning, historic vote sending shock waves across global markets from asia to europe, wall street at one point today futures were pointing to a 700-point drop for the dow at the open. stocks have made up some ground. now, no country ever left the eu, so really unprecedented, and markets hate uncertainty, for various reasons, invest hers been optimist being the vote would got other way, brits would decide to remain in the eu, all week, we've seen stocks rally, the dow jumped 230 points yesterday alone. the nasdaq finished 76 points higher. >> vokes walt wagon pay more
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than $10 million to pay us emissions scandal, admits to cheap on the diesel emissions standards, and the mondayly go to set claims by nearly 500,000 owners, and funds program to contain pollution. and instagram wants it reach out to users around the worlds, the social media will roll out new translation button next week, stain gram says the button will appear on profile bios, with one click, they can be translated into 23 different languages. jim, brooke? >> interesting. >> that's big deal. no, that's a big deal. your discover page on instagram? people from all over, sometimes you are really interested in the video and no idea? >> you may as well be speaking a foreign language. jill, i don't know about all of this stuff, barely able to keep one facebook and twitter. >> still teaching him. >> i'm with you on snap chat, jim, instagram, it is a good one. >> okay. >> i'm on there, just don't know. >> just doesn't know how to use it but i am working on it. >> thanks, jill have, a good weekend? baby steps. >> all right, pennsylvania's
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governor tom wolf's office says no decision has been made yet on whether to call a special election, to fill the vacated seat of congressman chaka fattah. eleven term democrat resigned yesterday, after he was convicted this week on charges of racketeering, fraud, and money laundering. now, you know initially, he planned to step down on october 3rd 1 day before scheduled to be sentenced, but, after pressure from congressional leaders, fattah resigned effective immediately. democratic lawmakers say the fight for gun control legislation will go on even though they ended at 26 hour long sit in protest yesterday on the floor of the house. the representatives demanded speaker paul ryan and gop leadership allow vote on gun control legislation. speaker ryan calls the protest nothing more than a stunt. >> in other news, almost two weeks after the massacre inside pulse night club in orlando, owners hosed latin night last night to honor the victims. this is what june 12th was supposed to be like, lively night filled with latin music and dancing, instead, tragedy struck when a gunman opened fire on the club goers,
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killing 49 people, and injuring 53 more. pulse employees say they're trying heal. >> i was there that evening. i'm very, very lucky and fortunate to have made it out, had a lot of friends there that evening. >> some employees are sporting matching tattoos to honor the victims. >> disney world beaches are back open again, more than a week after a two year old boy was attack and killed by an alligator. the beaches are open from an hour after sunrise, to one hour before sunset. they will also feature signs and temporary barriers to try and keep guests and other safe. two year old lane graves of nebraska snatched by gator earlier this month and later found dead. >> coming up: for -- preparing for the the dnc. let you know about road closures when the democrats come to town next month. >> plus, fire on the war, flames break out, see the incredible damage left behind. >> also, big news for adele fans. got to tell you about her big
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surprise overnight. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you can say her fight with streaming service asks water under the bridge. jim's dancing should also be under the bridgement be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> refused to issue march permit during the convention, poor people's economic rights campaign planned to march during rush hour from city hall down broad street to the wells fargo center next month, now, they applied for march permit, but the city denied the application, siting, interferance with traffic, and conflict with another event. >> well, philadelphia has released more plans for next month's democratic national convention as expected. there will be road closures, some of which will begin july 23rd, 2 days before the convention starts. roads around fdr park, across the street from the wells fargo center will be shutdown, broad street, from packer, to terminal, will close, for the broad street line will stay open, and commercial vehicles
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heavier than 5 tons will be banned from parts of i95. >> the acceptable every democratic party will play major role in the festivities next month. thirty local artists are putting the finishing touches on 57 fiberglass donkeys at the tioga marine terminal in port richmond. there is one for each delegation to the convention, they'll all be unique, each del gave gays instructions what they should use for theirs, former gotch nor ed rendell came up with the idea. >> there are 48 separate locations for the 57 donkeys, some location also have multiple donkeys. >> you'll be able to see them for yourself very soon. the donkeys will be scattered throughout the city on july 1st, then, they'll be auctioned off. for the latest plans on the democratic national convention, head to >> flood waters in rising in west virginia forcing people to leave their homes, this is video, from the town of richwood. where the water is said to be nearly 3 feet deep, state of emergency is in effect there, the officials have started
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evacuating nursing homes, elsewhere in the state, famed green briar resort golf courses underwater week before schedule to host a pga event. take a look at this incredible video showing flaming debris swept away in rushing flood waters. now, this happened in white sulfer springs, west virginia, amanda carper and her family were stranded on a road as flood waters rose, posted this video on facebook, carper says the debris actually a home, and broke apart against some trees, before plowing into the road. wow. >> what a mess down there. >> i know, sounds like they don't quite know why it is on fire? it sounds like it? my goodness. >> scar. >> i very, very. >> what's going on here? >> thankfully not as scary of an outlook, looking forward, same system brought all of the thunderstorms to that area. make its migration off to the south. so still transitioning, but before we get to the weather i want to inches deuce you to weather watcher friday our in house weather watcher today, barbara lane, yeah, give her a
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hand. she was so excited to come in here, whales from willow grove, made the trek down to 76 to see us here today. so thanks for coming in. she will be hanging out with us all morning, helping us produce the show, through the rest of the broadcast, so, again, thanks barbara for being here, with that said, we will check in with the other eyewitness weather watchers up and adam for us this morning, finding a lot of humidity still built in across our area there is started off further off to the south this morning, where we check in at 72 degrees, this observation came in from jason, he is still finding some pretty high humidity, eight a %, and a lot of cloud cover still overhead right now. but pretty modest breeze, he did say that there might be some showers moving into his location, and sure enough, there are some showers to track on radar, which we will get to in a second. into new jersey, jump it in toward the more outlying suburbs, mark out in chads worth, little cooler by comparison, he actually reporting he has little hint every sunday light, but we don't see too much sunshine, at least initially, the further south you g the further north you go, start brightening up niceliment look at the temperature, 59 degrees
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comes in this morning, from eileen, she is still tuck in the clouds, but true, gilbertsville one of the more remote suburbs, but she going to be one of the spots where the mug that's are starting the day off here, are going to eventually start to wind down, and feels a lot more comfortable as time progresses, now, let's go ahead, check out what's happening on the radar, mentioned showers. jason had allude today that as well in his report. see some of them currently moving right now, through portions every kent and even southern new castle county so if you see few damp roads or actually see few raindrops falling on the windshield, don't be shock by. that will but as the system continues to make its full retreat off to the south, then eventually out to sea, so, you just sort of buy your time before it officially gets out of here. meantime looking ahead, once high pressure builds in, to pretty phenominal summer weekends, we always talk about the union matches as they come up, you all know i'm basically the number one fan, and they are ten matches right now unbeaten at home, love that. but 77 degrees, in the sunshine, the expectation for that saturday kick off. gorgeous day, generally,
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everywhere, mid upper 80s, nice and warm, obviously, but tis the season, right? and by the time we hit monday humidity starts to rebuild, we hit up even more, probably see shower or under this earl storm out there, too. pat, over to you, almost called you meisha again. >> sorry, i don't look anything like meisha. much prettier than her. >> habit! >> a look at the admiral wilson boulevard, good news, there is really not any traffic that's causing any problems here right now at the morning return. but as you can see, the arrow saying get out of the left lane, one lane block here, that's because of this, gas main repairs, at route 38 eastbound between route 130 and route 70. three lanes block there until 9:00 tonight. supposed reopen earlier today, now it will be until 9:00 p.m. so, there is going to be some delays, you would think, at the p.m. rush hour, in this area. the ben franklin bridge, look at that, is that not beautiful? that's a lovely look at the city of philadelphia, coming from camden, and everything moving smoothly in both directions here, on the ben franklin. also, the schuylkill,
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taillights going eastbound past king of prussia, a smooth ride here, right now, maybe it is friday, everyone taking off, kids out of school. so thumbs-up on the schuylkill. that's always a good thing. there was downed tree in west chester, at route 322 at pottstown pike. but all lanes have since reopened. they've gotten that big thing out of the way. down in delaware, some construction, 495 northbound, edgemore road, off and onramps closed until thursday, also mass transit a look at the dart bus route schedules, going to change effective sunday. jim, brooke, to you. >> thank you, sir. up next, taking you behind the scenes of the block buster sequel to independence day. >> fourth of july. showing some fireworks. >> see how they're filling the big shoes left behind by will smith when we come back.
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alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving?
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where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer >> i thought jim would sing for us there. the wait finally over for adele fans, now say hello to her latest albumn on your favorite streaming sites. starting today listen to adele's albumn 25 on spots like spotify, apple music, and title. adele initially kept the a.m. bumm off streaming service when is she released this last november, which led to breaking records sales.
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and here's some good news for legendary rock bands led zeppelin. jury found front man robert plant and guitarist, jimmy page, did not steel another band's riff for the introduction to their iconic hit, stairway to heaven. now, the group put out a statement, after this, just saying, you know, they're very, very grateful the judge ruled in their favor. what's a riff? >> like, i don't know. >> you're the music expert. >> like, you know -- >> i don't know. >> all right. the survival of the human race is at steak in the newest summer sequel hitting theatres this weekend? independence day resurgence has some familiar faces, and some newcomb ers, too, kevin freighter -- frazier from entertainment tonight takes you behind the scenes of the block busker. >> this week, new generation, including liam hemsworth, jessie usher, teams up with the old led by jeff gold bloom to take on the biggest most
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destructive aliens force ever in independence day resurgence. >> i can't believe it has been 20 years. >> oh, my god. they're back. >> back and bigger than ever in independence day resurgence with more shift, more technology, and more destruction. >> veteran jeff gold bloom helps lead the fight against, joined by liam hemsworth, as a young pilot. >> back with bull pullman, who i ardor, george played my father, spiner, and the new people really, liam was a big, you know, thrilling guy to work with. fabulous actor. and a great, great man. >> shouldn't we be nervous? >> ya. >> and for the new generation, there was little pressure to live up to the hype, especially, for jesse t usher, who plays will smith's characters steps on struggling to lead after his stepfather's death. >> your father was the bravest man i've ever seen. >> yes, there was a little bit of pressure.
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probably some self-made pressure, too, but all lifted once we got, everybody kinds of just like just do your thing, be who you are, and, you know, give us what you got. then that was all that really matter. >> we have to remind them, earth is not for the taking. >> fourth of july, showing some fireworks. >> hold on. >> they like to get the landmark. >> for entertainment tonight, kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> just in case were you wondering, riff is a short repeated phrase frequently played over changing cords or harmone. >> i like everyone knows, just one of those things hard to explain. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", fit bit for babies. how a popular tech device for adults can help keep parents' tabs on their little ones. >> and a philadelphia institution is marking major milestone today. coming up some inspiring success stories to come out of
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the shriners hospital over the past nine decades, we'll have them.
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the philadelphia 76ers select, ben simmons. >> move over, ben franklin, there is another ben in town. the sixers chose ben simmons with top pick of the nba draft, hear what says about being the new face in fill. >> i tgif. see how long these gray skies will stick around, today is friday, june the 24th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> hey there, i'm brooke thomas, missing meisha this, more pat holding it down, and katie here, as always, check being on weather and traffic. >> hi, guys, how am i doing? >> very dapper, yes shall meisha would be proud. >> she would. >> thanks. >> roadways are looking decent. so far this morning. >> i'm not being rude. >> sore. >> i i love meisha. >> who doesn't love meisha, right?


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